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Our award-winning programs are changing lives!

With one in three children in America struggling with a diagnosable mental health disorder, and with mental illnesses being the most preventable of all diseases, yet very few resiliency programs available to students, we are taking bold steps to bring evidence-based resilience programs to schools. Now in our 11th year, our award-winning programs have shown to assist kids in managing stress and other risk factors for mental illness. Since 2006, Mental Fitness has reached over 80,000 audience members with our engaging programs. And we are just getting started.

Our programs not only assist the one in three students struggling with mental illness, they have shown to prevent onset in ALL participants (including teachers!). Mental Fitness delivers arts and mindfulness programs that are engaging and effective. The programs range from professional development workshops for educators, educational programs for parents, and peer led resilience programs for kids.

After investing in online educational tools, we were able to reach over 1,000,000 students in more than 14 states in the U.S. Most importantly, over 4,000 students have been safely connected to treatment for mental health disorders as a direct result of our collaborative work. The best part, is that we have maintained a 72% program-expense ratio (for every dollar you give, $0.72 goes directly to programming). How do we do that? We rely on the generosity of our volunteers and passionate supporters who have been with us for nearly 12 years.

Together, we can continue delivering our award-winning programs and services to more schools across the U.S.

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